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Creating BioChar in Austin, Texas

Sent to us by Austinite Greg G.:

Glad to see folks getting excited about BioChar. I have been doing burns in my backyard in East Austin this past year using the double barrel retort method. I have some photos here: http://thelittlehouseonahill.tumblr.com/search/biochar
I would be happy to provide char for testing. I would also be happy to demonstrate how to modify the barrels if anyone is interested.
Keep up the great work!”

International Biochar Initiative – Terra Preta Standards and Certicfication


From IBI: “For a sustainable biochar industry to succeed, it must provide certainty to consumers and markets about biochar and its safe use as a soil amendment. The Standardized Product Definition and Product Testing Guidelines for Biochar That Is Used in Soil (hereinafter referred to as the IBI Biochar Standards) provides the tools needed to universally and consistently define what biochar is, and to confirm that a product intended for sale or use as biochar possesses the necessary characteristics for safe use.”

Download the Standards here:


Plants Talk Underground and Charcoal Can Help

We know that Terra Preta encourages fungi growth in all the little capillaries of the charcoal.  New research shows plants “Communicate” underground through their fungi connections:


mycorrhizal Terra Preta

Washington Post Terra Preta

Scientists find evidence discrediting theory Amazon was virtually unlivable.


Terra Preta Garden Club Austin, Texas

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Ancient Amazonian Agricultural Technique Boosts Crop Yields, Cuts Carbon

Great article explaing more about Terra Preta


Terra Preta – Austin American Statesman


Lifeless Soil

Amazing article on what Big Agriculture has done to our soil and our food supply. It’s amazing that we are all not dying of cancer or heart disease – wait a minute, we are. http://www.energybulletin.net/53573

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Terra Preta – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



Terra Preta

Terra Preta


Actual soil sample dig from Amazon Basin.  Over a thousand years old and it grows itself.